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Say goodbye to sleepless nights with Echor’s range of eco-friendly remedies

This brand new, eco-friendly range of candles, masks, blankets and pillow sprays blend nature and science to help soothe your mind…


Experiencing sleepless nights? This expert advice could help

Get a better night’s sleep with this essential advice from Sammy Margo, EarHub’s sleep and relaxation expert. How long should I…


  7 reasons you should try intermittent resting 

You’ve heard of intermittent fasting; cycles of eating between a certain amount of hours or days to promote weight loss. Now say hello to…

sleep solutions

Sleep solutions that really work

A great night’s sleep can leave us feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day, but many of us aren’t…


No more sleepless nights — why switching to cotton bedding will improve your sleep

Experts from Naturalmat told us that switching to organic cotton bedding is a natural and environmentally friendly way to improve your…

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