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Tone and strengthen with TRX

Hailed as one of the most effective ways to tone muscles all over your body, TRX has quickly become a popular…

grey hair

Try these 5 ways to boost your confidence — and keep it

Simple techniques you can try to help alter your mindset and give you back your get up and go. Practise self-compassion…


Experiencing sleepless nights? This expert advice could help

Get a better night’s sleep with this essential advice from Sammy Margo, EarHub’s sleep and relaxation expert. How long should I…


Take a look inside our new issue, featuring Julia Bradbury — on sale now!

Platinum’s newest issue features the ever-fabulous Julia Bradbury. Not to mention a host of thought-provoking stories and expert advice in health,…

scalp care

Can Covid cause hair loss?

New research shows a possible link between hair loss and Covid-19. We speak to trichologist, Dr Nick Fisherman, to find out…

dr michael mosley

Dr Michael Mosley has tips to combat overeating

Dr Michael Mosley, founder of The Fast 800 lifestyle plan, says, “The Mediterranean diet is the healthiest diet on the planet. …

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